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Release Date: 28th July 2023

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41 Hours

Take the role of Ethan, a workaholic scientist and capable field combatant in search of his long-lost wife!

41 Hours is a cinematic first-person adventure shooter game driven by intense shootouts and advanced, often alien technology.

Accompanied by a mysterious woman that seems to possess super-human powers, Ethan will take up conventional armaments while learning to manipulate time, cloak for enhanced stealth, use portals for teleportation and employ telekinetic abilities against the paramilitary forces that stand in his way.

Explore 41 Hours’ complex narrative through voiced dialogue, illustrated cutscenes and strategic combat scenarios across 11 compelling chapters! Along the way, you’ll discover extraterrestrial environments and overcome brain-teasing puzzles that require more than simple battlefield prowess. Do you have the skill to adapt, survive and uncover the truth?

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  • Experience an unpredictable narrative driven by frenetic first-person combat!
  • Pick up a wide variety of weapons and ammunition, both conventional and alien.
  • Use super-human powers like telekinesis, time manipulation and cloaking!
  • Master challenging and dynamic battlefield scenarios.
  • Solve brain-teasing environmental puzzles.
  • Fight through 11 chapters of cinematic story in a 20-hour campaign!