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Release Date: 28th June 2024

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Dreamcutter SteelBook® Limited Edition

Dreamcutter arrives in physical form with an initial SteelBook® Limited Edition (only 4000 will be made) with additional sexy content, exclusive to the physical release, bundled with;

• 4 glossy double-sided art cards featuring concept art and naughty images of the characters.
• 52 x 34cm poster.
• Embossed SteelBook®.

With all this exclusive content, this limited edition is the definitive way to experience Dreamcutter’s unique blend of side-scrolling action, with naughty adult-themed cut-scenes.

The Dreamcutter, a mysterious scythe with an ulterior motive, promises alluring rewards and a chance at escape. But what strange dangers and exotic encounters will you find inside your own mind? Dreamcutter is an intense side-scrolling action platformer that blends visual novel CG scenes with macabre themes and sassy character dialogue. Along with your friend Lucia, you’ll take the role of Haley as the pair navigate the darkest parts of Haley’s subconscious.
Use the Dream Combo to rack up points, collect coins to buy upgrades, reach higher platforms by sticking your scythe in walls, swing, grind, float and more! Plenty of seductive moments await in this dreamscape, but will you survive to remember them?

• Run, jump, slice and dice across side-scrolling platforming stages!
• Use the enigmatic Dreamcutter scythe as both a weapon and a versatile tool.
• Navigate the dark recesses of Haley’s mind, filled with alluring surprises!
• Engage in visual novel dialogue as the story progresses.
• Unlock alluring CG scenes presented in 2D hand-drawn style.
• Find a way for Haley and Lucia to escape the dream world!

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