Release Date: 2nd December 2022

Nintendo Switch

Hidden Objects Collection - Volume 3

6 MORE GREAT HIDDEN OJBECTS GAMES IN 1! The exciting sequel to Hidden Objects Collection for Nintendo Switch and Hidden Object Collection Volume 2. The 6 FULL games that are included on the one game cartridge.

This value packed game includes six completely different Hidden Objects games into one for the Nintendo Switch™ platform.

Each full-length game immerses the player in great stories while providing the proven fun-filled entertainment that can only be experienced by superb hidden object adventures.

The individual Hidden Objects games can be played in any order.

The Seven Chambers

The Cosmos turned the fate of the Earth’s inhabitants every day.  Elasaid didn’t believe in astrology, but the force of the planets and constellations entered her life and many previous lives regardless of what she thought.  After getting hit by a blast in the London riots, she falls into a coma. 

In the coma’s sub-conscious she experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior where, after reading a passage of ancient text from a magic book, an underworld portal opens.  Terrifying clawed beasts, the Flying Furies, clutch Elasaid and throw her through this first portal of The Seven Chambers.  

Her only escape is to navigate her way to the Seventh Chamber in time for the rising of the phoenix along the passageways and chambers for the souls of the dead.  Along the way she battles with fallen angels, jealous planets, tricky alchemists and manipulative lost souls.  Overcoming the darkness in the chambers opens her heart to a lost soul, but the lost soul has been sentenced to spend eternity in the chambers.  

What will prevail; her love for the lost soul or her desire for freedom?  Become Elasaid and battle to change your destiny within The Seven Chambers by mastering the karmic influence of the planets and the mysterious paths of the alchemists.

Ghost: Elisa Cameron

You wake up in a cold, desolate bathroom without any memory of your whereabouts, as a surveillance camera tracks your every move. Can you piece together the mystery and find your way to safety.  

As Elisa Cameron, you must work to save your sister, your future, and possibly the world.  From the best-selling Dark Horse graphic novel, “Ghost”, comes a story of supernatural proportions in form of hidden objects puzzle adventure. 

  • Over 50 gorgeous locations 
  • Richly detailed environment and scenes 
  • Solve 14 unique mini-games 
  • Hours of gameplay

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

Your extraordinary gift is also your biggest curse. It is a burden you must bare. The ability to see things others cannot is an unbelievable challenge and responsibility. And evil never sleeps. Evil is never far away. He who has many names, has awakened again – hungry for victory and power. Can you pass the test and prove you are the one who will defend mankind when judgment day comes?  But, remember, fear is your worst enemy! Never let him see your fear! He will use it against you and everything will be lost!  Dive into an alternative dimension alive with ghosts and demons in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion- a dark and thrilling puzzle, adventure game!

• Confront ancient evil and prove yourself worthy to the afterlife spirits
• Investigate eye-catching locations and solve dozens of puzzles
• Search for clues and follow the path
• Beautiful graphics and mysterious atmosphere
• Fantastic music and voice-acting
• 3 fully customizable game-play modes: Easy, Casual and Adventure
• Native wide-screen support

Tales From Dragon Mountain: The Strix

Mina Lockheart’s dreams became unbearable nightmares. She dreamt about her grandmother Kate and their old family house being eaten by flames. 

One day, Mina decided to travel back to their family estate to make peace with her own memories and feelings of loss and loneliness. 

But after she arrived, not even in her wildest dreams she could imagine what will happen and where the events will take her. What started as a simple trip of search for inner peace, turned out to be the greatest, unimaginable adventure of her life!

• Discover the truth about your grandmother’s past
• Explore many unique fantasy locations
• Meet mythical creatures like homely, pixies and more
• Dozens of interesting puzzles to solve
• Beautiful graphics and fantasy atmosphere

Tales From Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair

It has been years since brave Mina Lockheart defeated Lord Strix. But dark shadows are rising once again! Spirits are restless! For he has awaken!

Evil Lord Strix is breeding a new army to enslave all creatures from the Dragon Mountains!  It is once again up to Mina and her best friend spirit Malik to travel to distant parts of the world and find clues how to open the passage to a hidden wasteland – Lord Strix’s lair. 

Meet different characters along your journey, help them and have them help you. Search and discover new places, but hurry! Lord Strix gets stronger by the minute!

• Follow the clues and find the passage to Strix’s lair
• Explore many unique fantasy locations.
• Meet mythical creatures on your journey.
• Solve dozens of puzzling minigames.
• Bright and colorful fantasy atmosphere.

Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel

Meet the ancient Egyptian cult in a search of almighty artifact, Marcus Antonius, King Arthur and many others who tried to kept this omni-powerful object hidden away from those who wanted to use its terrible powers for conquering the world and stop the evil from raising from its grave!

• Lead a young detective and confront the ancient Egyptian cult.
• Meet King Arthur, Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius and other historical characters.
• Explore the mystical old castle and over 50 other locations.
• Search the “underworld” and discover the supernatural.
• Help save the world from the ultimate evil.