Margot’s Word Brain OUT NOW on Steam.

Chesterfield, UK – April 5th, 2018.

International Publisher FUNBOX MEDIA LTD today announce that it has added to it’s catalogue of Steam titles with the worldwide release of word puzzle game, Margot’s Word Brain.

Margot’s Word Brain is an exciting and fun set of word games that will test your word knowledge, spelling and vocabulary while competing against the clock. There are 6 different games to pit your word wits against as well as the ultimate Word Brain Challenge where you take on all 6 games in turn.

• Six different word puzzles to tackle: Word Link, Word Mine, Hyper Text, Word Race, Word Safe and Word Search. All of these games present a unique challenge and players will have to master them all to become the ultimate Word Brain.
• Word Brain mode pits the player against all six of the games in succession and records their score so that they can track their progression throughout the game.
• Easy to use menus and gameplay make Margot’s Word Brain a game that is accessible to gamers of all ages and experience levels.

Game Modes:
Word Link – You are presented with a grid of mixed up letters and have 90 seconds to find as many 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words as possible from connected letters – hence the name word link. When you enter a word, those letters will be removed from the board and new letters will fall from the top of the screen. If you are stuck, you can shuffle the board by clicking on the X but you will incur a 5 second penalty. You will score points depending on the length of the word and the letters in its makeup.
Word Mine – Margot will give you 6 jumbled up letters and a display of how many different length words can be made from those letters. You have 90 seconds to find as many of those words as possible.
Hyper Txt – This is a game based on 90’s/00’s text messaging. The screen is divided into two areas. On the right you will see a phone pad, similar to a 90’s/00’s mobile phone, and on the left a word will be displayed. You have to use the phone-style buttons to spell that word as quickly as possible. So for example to type a ‘C’ move the cursor to the number ‘2’ and click three times. You can skip to the next letter using the right arrow and go back using the left arrow. The more words you enter, the quicker the word Margot wants you to spell will disappear, so stay sharp. Be very careful in this game because if you make one mistake it’s Game Over!
Word Run – Margot wants to take you on so has devised a devilish little game for you both. She gives you a 6×6 game board and will enter a 6-letter word across it. You have to then enter your own words until there is no more room to create a fresh entry. First you select where the word should start and then where it will end (you can use words from 3 to 6 letters spelt vertically or horizontally). You then have to enter your word. If adjacent letters from two different words touch they must form a word. (This is similar to the rules in Scrabble). You take it in turns with Margot to enter words and if you manage to stump Margot so that she cannot take her go and has to create a new game board you will score extra points. You will also score points for the length and complexity of your word.
Word Safe – Margot has some words locked away in her vault and you have 90 seconds to find as many as possible. There are two wheels of letters surrounding a central letter. You have to use those letters to create as many 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words as you can. The two wagon wheels of letters can also be rotated to give you extra possibilities. When your cursor is over one of the wheels click on the left mouse button and move the mouse in a left or right circle motion to rotate.
Word Search – For her final challenge Margot has set you a word search. She will show you three 6-letter words for a short period of time and you then have 20 seconds to find those 3 words on a 6×6 game board. They can be hidden both vertically and horizontally. Click at the start of the word and again at the end to highlight it. Any mistakes will result in a 5 second penalty. If you are successful you keep on playing with another set of words to find until Margot finally catches you out. The more words you find, the higher your score.
Word Brain – The ultimate word challenge – take on all 6 of the games in turn in an effort to gain as many points as possible and prove your brain power. Once you have your final score Margot will put it through her special brain measuring device to determine how bright you are on a scale of 0-100 watts!
The results should be enlightening!

Any 3rd party aggregators interested in listing Margot’s Word Brain on their platforms, please contact Lee Brown at info@funboxmedia.co.uk

Press seeking to discover more about Margot’s Word Brain are requested to also contact Lee Brown but at PR@funboxmedia.co.uk

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