Release Date: 27th October 2022

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MeteoHeroes: Saving Planet Earth!

If you like platform and adventure games, get ready to enjoy MeteoHeroes.

Fight for a clean and safe planet and take the six superhero kids to their final destination, where they will have to face the fearsome doctor Makina and the Maculans.

This game is based on the italian animated children’s television series.

Meteoheroes has already been sold in 144 countires like USA, France, Greece and Latin America and translated into 22 Languages.

Such is the sucess of the franchise that it even has its own podcast. Merchandising and now its own video game

• Fun game with great morals
• Children-Friendly Challenges
• Collectibles extend its duration
• Characters known by children


Save Planet Earth
Visit 9 amazing places on our planet until they reach their final destination and a showdown with their fearsome arch-enemies. 

Unique Weather-controlling powers
Use the powers of each of the 6 Meteoheroes to overcome the different dangers and defeat the maculans.

Fun for children of all ages
Get ready for a fun-filler action platform game in which you must find the hidden items that will help you clean up every city.

Together we are stronger
Play as two different Meteoheroes in each mission just like in the TV series.


Fun game with great Morals
Child friendly Challenges
Collectables Extend it's duration
Characters known by Children


Children who like videos games
Children who watch the TV show