NEW RELEASE – Incoming Trilogy

Today, the Phoenix-based entertainment software and technology company, Jordan Freeman Group, LLC, (JFG) a subsidiary of ZOOM, LLC officially released its latest exclusive title, Incoming Trilogy.

Funbox Media, Ltd, owners of the Incoming brand, revealed that JFG was the only firm in the industry able to successfully convert the Incoming Subversion Expansion Pack for modern PCs. Incoming Trilogy comes bundled with the original Incoming, Incoming Forces, and the aforementioned, Incoming Subversion Expansion Pack. For $5.99, the pack is on sale exclusively at ZOOM-Platform.com.

Incoming Trilogy, a fight for survival against an alien invasion with the finest in land, sea, and air combat craft. It is an addictive arcade-style multiple vehicle “shoot-em-up” with frantic and varied action packed levels. Incoming Trilogy delivers intense atmosphere via dramatic and breath-taking visual effects fused with a heart-pounding soundtrack.

\”Funbox Media Ltd is delighted to be able to offer their titles through ZOOM-Platform.com. We believe this portal represents an excellent opportunity for Funbox titles to reach even more consumers. We are particularly excited about partnering with ZOOM to offer a limited number of exclusive Funbox products to its customers\” said Barry Hatch, Funbox Media Ltd’s Managing Director.

ZOOM’s Chief Creative Officer, Jordan Freeman, stated: “It is my great pleasure to present the Incoming Trilogy, a new exclusive game pack for ZOOM Platform, from Funbox Media Ltd. Incoming Trilogy was originally developed by Rage Software, developer of Expendable. I am also proud of our development team for once again enabling play on modern machines in a manner not available on any other platform.”

Incoming Trilogy comes bundled with its original soundtracks and original manuals.

To purchase Incoming Trilogy, please follow the below link:


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Incoming Trilogy now LIVE!

Posted by Funbox Media Ltd on Tuesday, 31 March 2015