Chesterfield, UK. – February 12th, 2021 – International Publisher Funbox Media Ltd today announce, in association with HR Games and Holistic Design Inc, the European digital release of Noble Armada: Lost Worlds on the PlayStation®4 Network on Friday February 19th 2021.

Funbox Media Ltd brings the Noble Armada Board Game experience to PS4™ consoles.  Noble Armada: Lost Worlds is a strategy PlayStation®4 title based on the Noble Armada miniatures game.  Set in the Fading Suns Universe, where the suns themselves are dying, humanity battles to revive its lost greatness, or just take what is left.  The five great Royal Houses dominate human space as they battle each other for control of the greatest resource… humanity itself.

In Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, players take on the role of a noble in one of the five Royal houses, vying against rival fleets and houses for control of human space. They battle pirates, barbarians, heretics, and others in their quest for supremacy.

Noble Armada is a game of broadsides and boarding actions, as players maneuver their ships to line up their best shots, fire off broadsides of fiery energy and then board their enemies ships to end the battle with desperate boarding actions. As they travel from planet to planet, making allies and building up their fleets, they also gain the experience they need to make their crews and marines truly formidable.

“For years we wanted to put together a fun strategy game that brought the FADING SUNS Universe to Consoles.” said Manny Granillo, Chief Creative Officer HR GAMES.  “Having played the NOBLE ARMADA Miniatures Board Game, we felt that it would be great to offer it as a strategy experience”.  “Working closely with Holistic, we wanted to bring the flavor of FADING SUNS Universe to the PS4.”   

“Holistic Design has a long and storied career in strategy games,” said HDI Vice President Andrew Greenberg. “HDI carved out a strong place for itself as a turn-based strategy game developer with Machiavelli the Prince, Emperor of the Fading Suns, and more. Now it returns with its first RTS game set in the Fading Suns universe. Built with ClickTeam’s innovative Fusion game engine, Noble Armada takes our space combat game and turns it into a fast-paced strategy game. Players get to utilize an innovative movement system to lead their factions to victory.”

FUNBOX MEDIA LTD, in association with HR GAMES has focused on releasing challenging and fun strategy console games, most recently with the release of QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES PS4® VR/non-VR & MARS ODYSSEY PS4® VR/Non-VR.

NOBLE ARMADA: LOST WORLDS™ will be available from Friday 19th February for the PS4™ on PlayStation® Network for €19.99.

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