Release Date: 16th April 2021

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Nintendo Switch

Rack n Ruin

Good, good! Feel the hate flow through you as you bring destruction to an unsuspecting world in this top down adventure with plenty of action to spare. – 7/10 – Bonus Stage

Chaos reigns in this top down action adventure game starring Rack, a demon with an appetite for destruction.

Rack N Ruin is a fusion of a top-down action adventure game and a classic arcade shooter. Take control of Rack, a maniacal demon wizard with a gleeful appetite for destruction, and embark on a grand adventure across a world filled with magic and wonder.

Then transform the once enchanting world into a hellish nightmare. As the world falls deeper into darkness, Rack’s power will grow, and the champions of good will rise to face him.

Engage the legions of good in fast hectic combat that gives Rack N Ruin a special action oriented twist unique to the genre.

Explore a vast open world filled with treachery and secrets at every turn. Then dive into delicately crafted dungeons, each with distinctive themes and foes to conquer.

The entire world of Rack N Ruin is lovingly hand-crafted, and uniquely laid out. Every bit of the game is hand-painted in detailed high definition.

Countless stars twinkle in the void of space. The vast sum of which are simply lifeless searing balls, but amongst the many, there lay the vessels for life bearing worlds.

Each world is a fruit, ripe for the plucking by the ever reaching claw of Ruin. His insatiable hunger for dominence over the universe goes unfulfilled, and with infinite stars for him to devour, his feast is without end.

Smoldering ruins dot the expanse of the cosmos. Once rich with life, culture and history, these unfortunate worlds are now ruins overrun with the mad, the corrupted, and the enslaved. Now they serve as the breeding grounds for the void master himself.

Demons from every nightmare imaginable, pour forth from these ruined worlds to do their masters bidding. The greatest of these demons rise out from the hordes of chaos. These demon lords are Ruin’s champions, who spread his seeds of corruption across the galaxy, bringing world after world to their knees.

One such demon whose desire for destruction lauds above them all stands on the brink of his own demise: Rack.

Rack is a seed of destruction. A tiny demon lord whose influence on a world will slowly drag it into a singularity of pain, only to burst forth in a final moment of glorious destruction.

Rack leaves no enslaved ruins, or homes for demon spawning; only asteroid fields, and cratered moons. For this, he is loathed by his master more than any other demon lord.

Rack is given one last chance. One small world must be brought to its knees, and turned over to Ruin’s ever devouring maw. Failure will end in Rack being cast into the void for eternity.

As Rack is teleported across the infinite span of space and time, he knows he has no intention of obeying his master.

Rack N Ruin is a top down action adventure / bullet hell / dungeon trawler game where players take control of a demonic wizard named, Rack.

The Player will guide Rack on his path to corrupt a planet for his dark master. Rack’s journey will take him across a large world filled with dungeons, foes, puzzles, secrets and more.

The small world will not stand idle, and its champions will rise to stand against Rack. Rack is a fierce little conqueror who has brought numerous worlds to a violent end.

However, the over zealous demonlord’s master wants world enslaved for his domination. Rack is given one last chance to bring a world to its knees instead of just blowing it up.

Being a wizard, Rack isn’t much for heavy lifting, instead he uses mind over matter to move blocks, turn switches, and summon magic weapons to do his bidding.

At his disposal Rack will have an arsenal of magic powers, and items. These powers will not only be used to destroy Rack’s adversaries, but will also be employed to solve the games’ numerous puzzles.

Rendered in crisp HD, the hand painted world of Galia awaits exploration, and corruption. Each zone will be corruptible, allowing the player change the world from a lush fairy tale into a grim nightmare world.

Everytime a part of the world falls, Rack grows in strength, and unallied demonic foes rise.

In the end, only a terrible mirror world of Galia will remain. Destruction, Mayhem, and Ruin await all.


  • Burn through hordes of foes with 4 core elemental weapons.
  • Unleash death with an array of 24 spells, items, and contraptions.
  • Interactive items that allow the player to create unique item interactions based on the elemental weapon type.
  • Weave through complex bullet patterns while smiting titanic bosses and over 30 unique enemies.
  • Explore an enchanted benevolent world, and then transform it into a nightmarish image of its former self.
  • Ransack castles, pillage dungeons, escape prisons, navigate gloomy caves, and awaken ancient evils.
  • Meet a charming cast of townsfolk, and collect their souls.
  • Unravel devious puzzles, and scour the land for over 100 secrets.
  • And, of course, destroy the world.