Super Sonic Racer and Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing OUT NOW on Steam.

Chesterfield, UK – March 9th, 2018.

International Publisher FUNBOX MEDIA LTD today announce that it has added to it’s catalogue of Steam titles with the releases of the wacky racing game, Super Sonic Racer, and the toilet-humour loaded Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing.

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Calvin Tucker\’s Farm Animal Racing
Super Sonic Racer

Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing
Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing is a wacky, cartoonish kart game with loads of typical redneck, toilet humour, about eight wacky animals from a redneck farm.

Their crazy organized tournaments brings them from the Farm to the tropical Pirate island, from the Polar Regions to Egypt, and from inside the Pyramid they are warped back in time to the Medieval times and returning by a UFO back in time again. How does that sound for crazy? Every track is filled with interactive elements, anything can happen at any time…

Track and Tournaments – Twelve unique tracks are available in tournaments, and also in Quick Race once unlocked.

Once you have won a tournament, the golden trophy will appear and the next tournament (if available) will be unlocked.

The six environments are, F.A.R.T. HQ, Medieval Madness, The Pirate Bay, Nova Zembla, Egypt Encounters and Rosewell

One day some animals from the redneck farm sit together and think there should be more in the world to discover than just the Farm. The main idea comes from Billy-Pete “the Pig”, who isn\’t satisfied with his small and dirty shack. Everyday Billy-Pete has to listen to the stories of the adventurer of his slimey, clumsy (and always bragging) friend Slimey Billy “the Frog”, who claims to have seen it all during his journeys.

Billy-Pete takes a closer look at his savings from the last couple of years, and decides to take the gamble: To travel all around the globe and organize some exiting racing tournaments just for the fun and of course for the adrenaline. He hires the strong and the fearsome Billy-Barry “the Bull” to protect him from any danger he might encounter in the world, but not before the silent but cool Billy-Cool “the Sheep” with his sunglasses decides to join the party for reasons only the mystical Billy-Cool knows.

Soon Mr. Billy Goat and his lovely cow-wife Sue-Ella Stripe decide to race as well, just for the fun of it, and then even chicken Sue-quack decides to join. While the party engineers and prepares their crazy vehicles, crazy cat Billy-Slick, decides to join because otherwise there is no one left at the Farm for him to harass or to oppress.

Their crazy organized tournaments brings them from the Farm to the tropical Pirate island, from the Polar regions to Egypt, and from inside the Pyramid they are warped into time to the Medieval times and returning by a UFO back in time again.

Super Sonic Racer
Super Sonic Racer has it all, with twelve over the top wacky characters and vehicles: From space shuttle to monster truck, from pizza dude or taxi driver to a magnetic superbike from the year 2400, everything you can imagine (and more) will race against each other in 4 crazy worlds, Karting like never before.

If you finished first, you are the winner. After winning four races in a world, the next world will unlock.

The different worlds are;
• Ocean World – In this world you will race through a fantastic underwater environment. The Ocean World is a living planet that is entirely covered in water.
• Trash World – Have you always wondered where that garbage you throw away each week has been going? The answer is Trash World.
• Game World – This game-themed world is a blast to race in, and it is no wonder so many drivers fly in to partake in the competitive races.
• Nightmare World – It’s dark, creepy, slimy, scary; It’s everything that you can (but don\’t want to) imagine. Only the bravest of all racers make it this far, but it takes a Supersonic Racer to win.

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Super Sonic Racer Assets
Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing Assets

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