Funbox Media Ltd are proud to announce the release of 7 3DS titles and our first PS3 (MOVE) title.  As well as more Wii & DS titles.  The titles to be released are below, dates yet to be confirmed.

Reel Fishing Paradise 3D 3DS

Gabrielle\’s Ghostly Groove 3D 3DS

Order Up!! 3DS & PS3 (MOVE)

Brain Training 3D (Working Title) 3DS

Ghosthunter 3DS

Phil Taylor\’s Power Play Darts 3D 3DS

Sudoku by Nikoli 3DS

Flatout Wii

Glacier 3 Wii/PC

Redneck Racing F.A.R.T. Wii/PC

Bandz DS

Dino Strike Wii

Martian Panic Wii

Pirate Blast Wii

Junior League Sports Wii

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Wii

Order Up! Wii

Please keep coming back for further updates on dates, images, product description etc.

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